47 thoughts on “Bunch of Blond Kids for You.

  1. As usual, Great job Maxie my man!
    #1 has very beautiful face, great promising body, but what i just love is his amazing beautiful hair!

    #3 beautiful blond angel, the exact kind of boy as a child i would have liked as my best friend. :heart:

    But the last one is the atomic bomb!
    I am just left breathless after looking at him!

    Thank you once again Maxie. :good:

  2. Hi Maxie !! Your boys blond are super beautiful . I love much : 4-9-10 . The boy 10, very nice package . Thank you very much friend Maxie for the good post . smile smile

  3. #1 #3 #4 #5!!!!
    The most beautiful blondes I ever seen…
    #1 has a great slim body
    #3 so cute he need some tender
    #4 an angel putting some tan
    #5 a demigod… let me swim by your side cherish your delightful face and chest
    Another stunning post, Maxie. Thanks so much…

    • Sanga2, you are too kind to me, I’m sure, the other bloggers who are making his post each day, they all work very hard to give us the best of his efforts heart . Thank to all members of this blog (my English is not so good). I am very confortable in this site. You have Maxie for a long time cry . Thanks a lot to all. good drinks hug

  4. Blondes? Hmm, should I, however, take a little glimpse. Well, let’s see. boredom
    The first boy looks promising. He is gorgeous, a real treat. Maybe I should continue. yes
    Oh, my dear little friend. You look so beautiful … you are beautiful, really beautiful. I’d like to take you in my arms from the ground and I would like to kiss your pretty face. heart hug But let’s continue further.
    The third boy, not so bad at all. Very nice looking face … a charming smile. And then.
    So lonely looking lovely boy. I could look at that cute boy at the end of the day, and … sigh. hug
    The fifth boy. Oooh my pretty prince. Can I dry you. You are a strikingly beautiful … only the young boy can be so beautiful. I want to rub you the very dry … I hope you like it. heart heart hug
    The sixth boy. What a wonderful hair and quite lovely face. It is missing only a small smile.
    The seventh boy. Oh my goodness! Again, such a lovely guy. Where do you find all these sweetness? wacko
    And the next boy … is of course over again, a gorgeous young man.
    Then yet. What? The little Mermaid? Not after all, but this handsome boy could very well replace the little mermaid.
    One boy yet. He seems to be a champion wrestler. With that body, it’s no wonder.
    And I thought that I don’t like blondes. smile

    • John47, I never had so a gorgeous comment heart , you have made a lovely description of the boys, I see from time to time, you like blondes. As you should know, the champion wrestler, is my champ inlove . Thanks very much. good drinks hug

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