Heeeeeeere’s Scotty!

It’s been a little while, but as promised here is more of the beautiful [newstar] Scotty! There are plenty more to come, but I just had to share a few from this one as I haven’t seen it around before and he is such a cutie in it! feel free to comment, let him know what you think of him smile enjoy friends!

scotty-055-008 scotty-055-011 scotty-055-020 scotty-055-024 scotty-055-029 scotty-055-040 scotty-055-050 scotty-055-056 scotty-055-066 scotty-055-070

16 thoughts on “Heeeeeeere’s Scotty!

  1. I fully understand why” James_S” seems concerned about Scotty’s tender age, but I think the best way of looking at it is to remember that his very best is presumably yet to come! In any case , I reckon that he is probably of Junior School age, maybe about 7 or 8. But yes, it IS a bit scary that such a young kid can be so unbelievably attractive, but it is nevertheless a fact and there is no harm in simply admiring and appreciating such a delightful boy. In my opinion, he is a genuine little star and a delightful icon of the beauty of boyhood and it is pretty obvious that he really enjoys what he does.
    The pix here are very beautiful and superbly posed by Scotty, who just gets better and better, so the next few years should be interesting!


    • You stole my words, MikiJimi. He seems happy and not to mention, he is just incredibly attractive for such a young age. I have another post in the works at the moment, hopefully it will be publish soon!

  2. I love him.I had most of his sets.There were 70 pics in each set! But it’s impossible to see too much of this boy.Does anyone have those very early pics of Scotty and Cody together before they started modelling? I found them on feeling park but have since deleted them.

  3. Klu, I am very pleased that we agree that Scotty is extra-special and way too good to miss. What a sad thing it would be if he were to be rejected purely because of his age, after all there is no age limit to beauty! Anyway, thanks a million for your excellent post and I eagerly await your next one. I am sure that it will make a certain Scotty-holic very happy indeed! good

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