9 thoughts on “Stephen

  1. Love pic. 10 . Never a dull moment with this body beautiful , each pose is exceptional. Definitely would have a case of roman hands and Russian fingers .

  2. Stephen is almost perfect in his appearance in my opinion. For my taste, Stephen is absolutely perfect for his age (although I do not know his age). I like his long, dark hair and dark eyes. His face is charming and perhaps even the boyish beautiful for example in pics 3, 4 and 6. His body is gorgeous … I like from such a not so muscle type of body. In the last two pics is a trick, wow, that works in most cases if it does not go too low because then “the pick for some reason, disappears.” Then one more thing which I have just recently begun to pay attention to … legs and toes. I’m not an expert on toes, but really I think that Stephen’s legs and toes look great in pic 7. All in all, Stephen is my view, a very tasty young man.

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