Playing Wild Little Native Americans

My sons growing up loved to get naked, put on war paint and play wild “indians”. So do my garndsons, according to their dad. He said he found his 8 year old had tied his 6 year old brother to a tree in the back yard and was torturing him with a feather, both boys only wearing war paint. The boys in this post are wearing a little more than war paint, but they could still torture me anytime. Enjoy.

I would love to check his smiley face!

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37 thoughts on “Playing Wild Little Native Americans

  1. These are so happy, playing, you can look his faces heart laugh , you can make a film with them. I was looking is somebody has lost his hair with a scalp shock , but fortunately no one. Thanks dear beast for this page of History. good drinks hug

    • I also used to play at being Indians with my friends always it would end up with us being naked. The girls would join in as well. But as we were only about 10 we never thought anything of it. Happy days.

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