20 thoughts on “Boy Nipples Only

  1. mmm my fav hard to say whose they are but feel free to post more thx [email protected]

    • Generally boys that age are very sensitive in that area as they are going through puberty. They’d probably pull away unless they’re willing to give you the pleasures of arousing them. I’d also look downward to see if his boyhood is stiffening.

            • Not necessarily Ray. You’d have to get an older boy your age for that. If you touched a boy in that way, it’s considered a lewd act with a minor, which is a felony. A lot of boys my age don’t let their nippies get played with, much less touched by another. A 12 year old boy most likely won’t let a stranger touch him in that area unless you were a doctor, or a parent. I’m that way too. My Dad checks me on occasion, and not for jollies, but for health reasons.

    • pr email me at [email protected] thx

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