34 thoughts on “When the Brief is White …..

  1. White can be very appealing, Maxie, and I think it is here, as it emphasises definition and the beautiful shapes that are created. I like the boy in most of the photos but my favourite pictures are 5 and 8, where the boy reminds me of Florian heart ! Thank you very much again, Maxie. good drinks hug joy

  2. Of course, Maxie, thanks. The first boy is what I love with a boy over 12 yo. Something very sexy, not a child, almost a young man, but so lovely. A real desire to be his friend… Attraction is a very weird thing. I’m attracted by 11-13 yo, often, and sometimes by an older boy like this one. I don’t know why. The mystery of love ?

  3. Perfect body! Only white briefs do that? Well, maybe but the phisical shape seems jump out from a greek mithology book illustrated with gorgeous sculptures… #2 pic rocks!!!
    Great post Maxie!

  4. Gee,but I’m sorry,”Maxie”,that I was so late joining the party,here,but having just joined in,those are some FINE photos that you posted! More that a few have,quire honestly,aroused my “baser instincts” towards them. SO much fun! good

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