40 thoughts on “Beautiful Torsos.

  1. Me inclino a la excelencia de su post, Maxie. yes yes heart Una maravillosa colección de chicos sexy calientes. good El niño con Marte me recuerda a mi tercer hijo que Pedro inlove y los dos muchachos rubios son para morirse de guapo y sexy, a la cama con ambos. laugh heart Gracias por otro fantástico post. drinks heart hug

  2. They are all beautiful boys, Maxie, and I really like 3,6 and Dylan and Julian Patton. My favourite is 2 heart , who is a boy I have seen a few pictures of before but I have never seen this one. This boy drives me crazy!! Thank you very much, Maxie. good drinks hug joy

    • My dear Jo, please tell me which one, I’m very carefull, with others pictures. I tell you each day I find 2 or 3 familiar pics. I’m proud, that means the pic was good laugh . Thanks Jo. good drinks hug

  3. Another stunning selection by Maxie. Boy #2 has the perfect appealing to me: not too muscular just slender and smooth with a fine skin tone…
    # 9 is cool ’cause two boys in underware aside a river makes me join them desperately! Water and boys are so natural and sublime blend thing…

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