Unique way to bath

Photo credits goes to Dennis of imgsrc.


















And a bonus, one of my favorite Filipino model Zyren. I got some short videos of him dancing into sexy music, and he’s got the moves too.


22 thoughts on “Unique way to bath

  1. Oops, your bathroom looks so like this. That washing convertible bed looks pretty strange to you there. But washing looks very nice and the boys seem to enjoy it very much. As usual the boys are happy and look really stunning in wet and scantily clothed. They got me too wet even though the water is not splashed here. blush Could you send the boys over here so I can introduce them the Finnish sauna and wash them. Maybe they can introduce me something. It doesn’t interfere at all even though the pics 8 and 9 are the duplicate, because the boy’s face is so lovely that I could watch them all night long. Thank you very, very much my friend for this wonderful and fun series and absolutely spectacular boys. heart heart hug
    It would be nice to see Zyren’s dancing videos. drinks smile

    • Thank you so much John47. smile drinks
      I really like to join those boys. But I guess it’s more fun to bring them in a Finnish sauna, sounds really interesting. laugh inlove
      Zyren’s videos are too short and the quality isn’t that good, but decent. I’ll try to post some videos of him after the update. smile

  2. I was thinking Thailand also, maybe BangkokBoyHarem cuties. Lookz to me like they’re having fun, not like what anti human traffickerz wood have u think even about exploitation

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