17 thoughts on “Smooth

  1. pic #1: the oldest boy has hat perfect position that says “here I am, laying down with my hottest speedoes on. Come on Assy, come and make me feel good!”
    pic#2: that’s what i call a hot butt
    pic#3: cute face and sexy speedos
    pic#4: anotehr inviting pose!
    pic#6: aawwww, sooo cute. I want to hug him really strongly and hear his laugh all day. He looks like a baby Troye Sivan. Loved his cute skimpy briefs.
    pic#9: hot fit body, lovely skin color, nice unique nipples, lovely smile and hair, nice legs, beautiful speedo
    pic#10: and i thought the previous poses were inviting! This boy must certainly be urged for an older boy to satisfy his libido’s demanding needs. His open legs, the way he lays down, no doubt: he is ready to take it all and scream like he will never scream ever again!

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