Who is best….. ..? ?

1.This is the amazing Johnny G. He used to be very active on Instagram. Those were the days…stham

2. jonathan_sthlm That smile, that cheeky look. Pure confidence.john

3. Ty Simpkins from Jurassic World. Best legs I’ve EVER seen. I wasn’t even into legs before I saw him sitting in that vehicle. sypkin

4. Hot boy are the kind of boys you can’t say no to.tumblr_mwfnveYoB41rbg1tpo1_540

5. a young danish boy with a great smile and amazing abs!smile

6. Even though you’re a young boy, you are more of a man than I can ever hope of becoming.


7.The body of a boy was retrieved from the bottom of a river, after he drowned while swimming with friends.river

8. If we put our heads together our hearts will tell us what to do

My heart tells me you should forget him and I’ll forget him too

I’ll take a step in your direction and toward you I’ll take twotumblr_nzwipk9UOR1v2kta7o7_250

9.He knows he’s hot. Confidence is so attractive! I’d like to point out how amazing you look.


10.I admit it: I’m a sucker for hot boys . You heard me right. I’m a sucker for them.tumblr_o0nagbCx8I1u8hgw5o2_500

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38 thoughts on “Who is best….. ..? ?

  1. i will say boy #1 only because i love the way he saggs his boxers. But boy #6, o damn, that little demon… the way he tempts us with those little speedos and offering us his ass with that positon. Perfect for lowering his speedo and bang those delicious and excuisite bums like there is no tomorrow. He will also get a good spanking for being such a nice pillowcheeks

  2. For me, number eight is the best I see. They both represent The Boys Love. Moreover, the scene is effective and suitable for our blog. Thank you.

  3. I really love the number 6 heart such a nice position… and such a beautiful butt… wouldn’t mind to keep in that position so that I see how MUCH beautiful his butt really is.

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