Zyren- video

Zyren is a local model, and been competing in some talent shows on tv but don’t have enough luck to reach his dreams, got another chance via wildcard still he failed. But with his undying optismictic attitude, I know Zyren will make it one day.

The 3 videos are short clips that shows his dance moves, with a bonus video. Enjoy!




Bonus clip

6 thoughts on “Zyren- video

  1. Yes, quite short videos, but long enough so that I can see of them some things. He has a very moving pelvis and body. His moving looks good. He has a very expressive face and his smile is absolutely irresistible. My weakness is blue jeans so of course I noticed at the beginning of pics in which Zyren has jeans. Do you know more this kind of pics? After this, I will not be surprised any at all that you are fond of Zyren … in fact I’m also now fond of enormously to this lovely young boy. heart hug Oh yeah, yet the bonus clip. I thought at first that Zyren starts to strip, but he is not such a boy, after all. no
    Many thanks to you for these videos, Mynblue. yes drinks smile

    • Thanks John for the nice comment. Zyren definitely got some moves, I like his soft and smooth moves. Only problem is the clips are too short. He have some more pics and videos in his official fan page in FB just search Zyren Leigh Luansing. smile

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