14 thoughts on “Best Asian Buddies

  1. Yes, all the boys are great. Every couple together and each boy individually are unique. I could surely write again a long story of every boy individually, but it is probably unnecessary because everyone can see for themselves the beauty of boys and everyone experiences it in a slightly different way. Some like beautiful face and others like beautiful toes, but certainly most of us want to see also all that what is between them. Many want to see everything naked, and others can see the beauty of boys through their clothes. I also like naked boys but just as much I like clothed boys. I love to imagine how I slowly take the clothes off the boys and finally I can see their naked beauty. I believe that I am old enough to know that under clothes can always be found all those beautiful things what every boy has. I love to use my imagination.
    Yet a little back to these your boys. Right away the first pic’s first boy (left) is the perfect boy for my tastes. His dark hair and dark eyes. His smiling face … all in his face is pure smile. I love his beautiful face to the bottom of my heart. heart And then all the other boys … all of them can be found their own unique beautiful details that from the boys can hope to be found. I love all of them. heart hug Thank you very much from all these lovely boys. Let’s takedrinks to honor of them. smile

  2. Thank you so much for a meaningful comment Juhani, the first boy on the left is Sky and he’s a grown-up now and plays basketball in his school. And I have to agree that all of them are pretty. smile drinks

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