24 thoughts on “Have you taken your meds?

  1. Yeah, I took my meds, just in case. Or can it no longer become any hotter than it has already become … thank you very much. But aww, oh no … thank you for the warning. Such cuties, sweeties, real heart breakers … oh boys how wonderful creatures you all are. I’d like to get you all into the arms so I could hug everyone of you. Hey u2, be careful with your pants or they are soon too low and I can not see you anymore. And u2 in the pic 4, what are you doing. Well, is it whatever, so can I come with you to your job. And you 7. boy, if you keep still for a long time your charming smile so I melt completely away. 8 and 9 aww, maybe I should, however, take a little something more soothing. And the last boy, your position is exactly the kind of which almost makes me jump on the walls. Thank you to all of these quite sweaty moments! smile

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