@Florian1,Maxie &Thomix: My 3 best boys 4 my 3 best friends

I hope other members won’t mind, i made many really good friends here in a very short time and i love and respect them all. But 3 of them especially stand out from the bunch.
Here are my 3 best boys for my 3 best friends: @Florian1, @Maxie and @Thomix.
I dedicate this post to the 3 of you to say thank you for your unconditional love and support both in public posts as well as in private messaging in some very difficult times for me.
I will never ever forget your good heart.
I wish there were more guys like you in real life.
I also want to thank all other members who liked my posts and the beautiful boys in them.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, i hope you have somebody really special by your side today. And make sure you let them know how special they are to you and how much you love them!DSC06676
And what kind of special post would it be without my beautiful guardian angel?20272567bav

43 thoughts on “@Florian1,Maxie &Thomix: My 3 best boys 4 my 3 best friends

  1. This was submitted on Friday early morning. It is now Monday afternoon.
    I decided to give this posting thing another try but i see now i made the right decision leaving this place in January.instead of things getting better, they are going from bad to worse every day. This was a very special post supposed to be posted yesterday deliberately submitted 3 days in advance but i guess not even that was not good enough?! If it couldn’t have been posted for 4 days then why even post it today? Why not just throw it away. Just like the photo that i submitted to the pow that was banned for no explanation and when somebody else posted it two months later then it was ok??!! I am talking about this

    Posts are now being released at different times of the day and if you want to make a special post for somebody’s birthday for example you don’t even know when you should even dubmitted to be posted in time. And you dhould i guess be grateful that it gets posted at all.
    In the past 4 days dome members had not 9ne but 3 of their posts released ehile others don’t deserve one single post to be posted. But i guess reposting same pictures of same boys over and over again is fine snd more important as long as it’s being done by new members.
    I can’t find a way to express my dissapointment and horrible frustration what happend to this place. :sad:

    • What’s you problem ? Mods on here do there very best with limited numbers and new members joining every day they have a lot on their plate getting you posts up on the right day it the least of their worries because of the huge number of posts submitted each day it’s limited to 20 a day just be grateful for what you have and stop moaning

  2. The rules on posting clearly state that a maximum of 20 posts will be uploaded to the members blog each day.I would lmagine this is down to the large number of posts now being submitted to the blog,which is updated twice a day now instead of once a day.Im not trying to creep to Sascha or Kasper but they only have so much time to give up each day!

    I love the boy in the blue and white shorts,nice athletic tanned body!

    • Does it sldo state that some members can have two of their posts posted in 4 days while other don’t deserve none???

      Do you think it is ok that you can’t even know anymore when your post will be posted?
      DFirst it was 24h, then it was 48h now its 4 days, at this rate by summer it will be two weeks of waiting.

      And btw, no i have no intention to go into discussion with anyone. Those days are long gone… Obviously nobody here cares about quality of this place anymore and to attack a member gor spesking his mind just ptoves how srlfish and intolersnt people are nowadays. So long…

  3. my posts are always withen a day or two, I am very happy with this site and I get good feedback for my posts, some people are just drama queens. I think the people who run this site do there best on there own time for free. they do not charge membership or to post. give them a break. but I will say that the blond in white shorts is very hot

  4. BluEyes. Quit your damn crying. I will haft to post a baby bottle for you. How can you cry about something so strongly. I’m putting together a post and I’m a bew member and the only one ruining my happiness is you. You aught to be thankful your still not sitting at home looking at the boys clothes adds in the press. These people put this together so we could be a community of BL and you can go back to your new paper clothes adds and shut the hell up!!!!!!

    • I see your mother taught you well manners. Now go home and change your diapers and while you’re busy doing that learn some respect to older prople who could be your parent! And for your information i never downloaded one single picture from this site. I have over 5000 pictures in my archives and not one came from here.
      Posts like your just prove just how much this community has gone to hell no more respect whatsoever for anyone. And for your information the internet is a free place if you don’t like my posts dont read them. Over and out!

  5. Sadly this post was already spoiled by angry comments when I saw it. I think it doesn’t matter which day I see it, I don’t care for Valentine’s day or other special days. It was meant to be a kindness towards two others and me and there is no wrong day for kindness.
    I’ve made comment concerning submission time, but it’s “awaiting moderation” (a mistake of the software).
    So once again, thank you very much, always yours hug thank_you joy heart


    • Always nice to hear from you Thomix.
      Don’t wrorry about it.
      I couldn’t be mad at you even if i wanted, and i don’t want it. I do realise what a great and special person you are and i hope others will too.
      I feel very disappointed and frustrated with all this. Not because you have to wait 3 or 4 or 5 days to have your post published but because you just can’t plan when to submit it snymore. This could have been for somebody’s birthday wish published 3 days too late. Immagine if you were getting married this Saturday and all the guests show up next Wednesday, how would that look like? Plus my unpublished photo i linked in first comment stands along with the missing explanation why it was never posted that i never received and it’s been two months. I do not consider myself nobody special and i do not want any special treatment here, but just for all of us to be treated as equals. But you are right. I’m sorry if i spoiled this beautiful post that i created for the 3 of you. I hope you did get what i meant to say with this post. All the best.

  6. Gorgeous boys and lovely photos, BluEyes and thank you for my part of the dedication. As you know, I always find your posts very beautiful and I think that this is one of your best. I hope the beauty of the boys will not be overshadowed by differences of opinion. My experience of this blog is that it is a place where we can all find listening ears and find friends. I am very glad you are a friend of mine and thank you again for a lovely post.

  7. You know what I do when the member blog doesn’t work the way I want it to?

    I shrug my shoulders and comment to my bf “Eh, it’s not my site, not my rule. . .Hey! That boy is cute!”

    I realize it’s “Beauty of Boys”, not JPB’s personal playground. Relax. You take the good, you take the bad. Take them both and there you have the facts of life.

    Also, why couldn’t you have sent them each a note? “Something is coming for you on member blog to show how much I value your friendship”.

  8. I’m new here and only have done one one picture post. It took a couple of days to post. I submitted a second one (and I think I figured out how to do multiple pictures) yesterday and it is not on here today. Hopefully it will be on here tomorrow.

    My favorite is the first one.

  9. Like I said before, BluEyes, the polish boy is one of the cutest boys posted here.
    He is natural. That’s it. This is the real beauty… a boy being a boy!
    Like your posts and spirituos comments.

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