20 thoughts on “Häuptlinge und Krieger

      • Exactly, a Häuptling is the chief of a clan, you say that for native people like Indians. Haupt means head. Krieger is someome with weapons who fights in a war. Krieg means war. You would also say that only for primitive kinds of war.

        • Krieger is just a warrior.
          Häuptling is correct, boss of an native folk, meant here native americans.

          In Germany the people just talk about “Indianer” what would mean “Indians” what is not correct, they call themself “native americans”.

          • I had a relationship with a German BL in the late seventies and early eighties so I have a basic grasp of the language but that’s all.Its probaly one of the easy easy language to learn.

          • As these boys are rather trying to be what they call Indians, this imcorrect word fits perhaps even better than “native americans”. Btw, can you explain, what “Klugscheißer” means in english?
            sarcastic crazy hug

            • I had connections to native americans and learned how stuid the name “Indianer” is in fact. But because of Karl May nobody would understand “native american” at all in Germany ^^

              Don’t know how the colleagues from Amerika call their natives in real live ^^ But I guess not Indian ^^

              Klugscheisser is just an “smartass” ^^
              An other more smarter guy then me wrote it in a dictionary already laugh

              By the way I just like the pictures as is very much, even named as indians cool

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