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  1. I thought all were on the other section eventually. Some are repeats which fools me. ===> These are all of the same guy ? If you know him, save him. Save from the net nuts. Also ==> save him from those who will accost and accuse him as some age-ist, looks-ist, race-ist, size-ist, ass-ist, and all the other things I was accused of in my past to get me into bed and I was fooled into going along and got f’d to near death. Purely by accident I escaped all of that. Rather my sex or no sex than be a someone else’s sex figuration or their slave I finally figure. Black / White especially but other types also do the same to make you feel you are being ( for especial example ) racist & / or age-ist / looks-ist and you demean them by denying them the body they want. I finally figure they are being the very thing they accuse me of. SLOW me. But I see with my own eyes others befouled drugwise and otherwise similarly. Thanks for the opportunity to say this all. [ I like the white hair … ][ are you a hair-ist ? ha ha ]

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