29 thoughts on “A nice start to the week

  1. non parlo RAP Gasolino [ and more ] ??? OH ! It is a modern very polite form of fuck you ( full of hot air etcetera ). Twice writ. As of today ( 2/16/2016 ) I get to the site but I refuse to explore it. Not a sort of my thing. CUTE but. Fun to find that such is still around. Thanks for illustrating to me how out of date I am. wacko but also yes the site is real. Cute pictures … but. HA HA no

  2. Thanks, Klu for what is actually a PERFECT start to the week! I haven’t seen most of these pics before and I will NEVER tire of seeing Scotty. Hasn’t he got the most gorgeous legs? Along with everything else!

    heart hug

  3. I love this boy.I have all his sets I think.There always seems to be exactly 70 pictures in each shoot. I’m going to pick my favourite pics of him and make a post!

    I think,after Flo,he’s my favourite boy model.Scotty I like too.And that boy with the long hair.

    • I love Scotty! If we’re thinking about the same Scotty, because there are a lot of them. If you mean Linus as the boy with the long hair, then I agree. Definitely one of my all time favorite models

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