31 thoughts on “Brothers and Couples.

  1. [[R]] . . . O M G ” MAXIE ” – This is SO Beautiful – My eyesight just got a bit blurry – Thank You SO SO Much for this Fantastic Group of Outstanding Boys smile smile smile smile smile smile

  2. Photo two, the guys with the crayfish or crawdad, looking at each other, always makes me cry. I hate you for making me cry again. Well, it has been a few days. Ha Ha such photo is one of the most beautiful pictures I ever see. I have seen a million pictures on line. Yes, a million on line. Not counting movies ( several thousand ). Not counting forensic epistemology ( about a thousand there, as I am not in demand ! ). I love crawfish photo so much I have it as part of my software set up. Thanks for reminding me of it. I hate you and will never forgive you for making me cry. May your day be as happy as this is a part of mine. Go to hell. I am still crying I hater you

  3. #2 shows two great friends with intimate trust… they know each other very well!
    #5 latin boys rocks…
    #6 I miss you so much Vladik. You was a very free-spirited kid!

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