23 thoughts on “One sweet day

  1. Oh no, oh no, where are my meds now? These charming boys got me now totally surprised. wacko Wouldn’t it be possible that the pictures of so cute, sexy and beautiful boys as these are, should be subject to censorship or to deny with some law. rtfm These pictures are just too dangerous for such an old man like me. They make my heart jump like wild foals, and my breath away. help My vision becomes cloudy, hissing in the ears, and I feel the pressure here and there, especially there … ooh there. blush Could I still get the boys over here to me. They could give me artificial respiration if I were to lose my consciousness, and vice versa. They could also rub me if I know the pressure here and there, especially in th … and vice versa. Oh, those lovely boys. heart hug
    My favorites are 1 (so beautiful), 2 (so cute), 3 (wow, wow!), 4 (has he, is he?), 5 (could I, too?), 6 (ooh), 7 (oh my … if this lovely creature would be in my bed so I could only stare and sigh), 8 (what legs and what …), 9 (WHAT? Is he Joh? Hardly, but he looks just like Joh.), 10 (a little cooling ) so they are all my favorites. One sweet day … really. drinks smile

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