21 thoughts on “Boys with fragile hearts

        • Its an EKG. Electro Cardio Gram. It just measures your heart. They put that on the patient, and print some papers about his heart beat and how it acts. After everything is done, which is about 2 minutes they take them off except for the two shoulders and his lower left one. (Had to do it to a patient, sorry for the bad explaining)

    • I don’t see anything wrong with the pictures. Sure they are not of boys wearing diapers or wet underwear both which I don’t particularly like. But as the description of this site claims this site hosts pictures of boys in everyday life. Sometimes boys are hooked up to machines and that is life. Not every picture should be about “getting off”.

      • without the weirds, the odds, the unusuals, the off the charts, the unfriendly and the loves and the all other sorts, well, without all the them, then, who the fuck are you ??? the you cannot know what normal is without the abnormal. it is reality. It is not just bushes and trees. Sorry, guys, but hate is real and you are not to play innocent or, maybe you can. You know what is meant here. dash

  1. Oh my God! This is so sad and so unfair and I can’t really find the right words to say. Except for this:- Please, please boys get well very soon and grow up to have a long and happy life. Please. Otherwise I’ll have a broken heart too.

    sorry cry hug hug hug

  2. I don’t like these pics either.It just seems they were meant to be kept private but we are somehow intruding on these boys privacy when they were ill or receiving treatment in hospital. cry

  3. Well most pics on this board were meant to stay private… I don’t see any problem here as long as everyone shows respect. This is of course no place for dirty comments, but most I see here is sympathy.

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