19 thoughts on “Physical Examination Of School Boys

  1. This is spellbinding and yet really weird at the same time. Would love to have the job of physically examining a boy but I’m not sure what the guy is trying to accomplish with some of his touches. The Russians and eastern Europeans have always seemed to have a different perspective when it comes to boys. Not sure if it is better or worse but it is certainly unique. The butt crack manipulation definitely is odd.

    • there is no knowledge finding about such. mere warming up before a run, for example, is known to be counter productive to the run performance the ancient argument of sex before or after battle is varied as to opinion of usefulness as rape occurs anyway regularly they say massage is often counter productive before any exercise, as athletes say so but nice afterwards as many can testify HA HA I am one who hates any massage and I may be part of the odd or irregular but I hate massage smile drinks

  2. I remember when I was in school the public nurse would come in and examine us check our heigh weight ect somethings she check to see how we were developing down below also we would have to strip down to our underpants . If they done it in schools today parents would go crazy different times

  3. an old form of torture is constant continuous contact of the face and genitals.
    NO SEX allowed nor offered. Ha Ha Exasperation ( ’empty the tube’ ) is an often result and purpose of massage INJURY is another issue not usually mentioned in any story … usually any manipulation of the injured part is harmful and massage and even gentle rubbing results in greater injury. YES !!! I am a result of such. Such what they call ‘motherly love’ and ‘tender loving care’ is more ameliorating than a little morphine. I am an exception as I hate TLC. I also hate morphine. Go you figure that as I cannot. dash

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