Superior boys

1.I love how he’s you can tell he’s got a confident little smirk going on while hardly moving his mouth; you can just see it in his eyes.1.

2.great shot of Daniel, this time stretching his beautiful lithe body. Even with more light in the shot, there are still some opportunities for some great light/shadow interplay to go on over his chest and tummy. daniel

3.I love the quiet confidence from this little guy. You don’t wanna mess with him!confidence

4.Dark eyes and auburn hair? Winning combination!brkeye

5.Looks like Remy is having loads of fun at the beach. Who could resist falling in love with that cheeky smile!remy

6.That intense stare from those dark eyes has me weak at the knees!gg

7.What a wonderful smile, on a cute little face!smle

8.Soft hair? *check*

Smooth skin? *check*

Beautiful eyes? *check*

Yeah he’s pretty much perfect…eeeee

9.I just don’t know where to start with this beautiful boy… everything about him is basically perfect… Don’t you agree?tumblr_o1ff1vVzyY1ul6ynko1_1280


28 thoughts on “Superior boys

  1. These photos have been lifted, captions and all, from my Tumblr blog, word for word… So that’s kinda shady. Particularly because I put a *lot* of fucking work into editing and cleaning up the photos I post on my blog.

    Some of the captions have even been taken from my blog and applied to other photos here, so apparently Lusiboy can’t even think up captions for his own photos and has to resort to stealing mine!

    I wouldn’t have even minded if someone had asked me if it was okay to post these with the captions and link back to my blog, but as it is now, I’m kinda pissed. Not that there’s much I can do about it at this point…

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