45 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday

  1. a neck as long as number one guy has is a throat a dog that could bite it off as easily as number one merely looks as a if it nibbles the mouth anger all this without imagination. any need to recreate is personal and should be equally a share with us viewers. plus or minus not created to fool us and make us your ijits. . . anger at least not without a challenge / reward.

  2. Boy #2 : I would buy him a customized ankle bracelet with a diamond heart as I caress his soft feet.

    Just sayin.

    Whose boy number 5 with the braces? , He makes my heart race. I do not want him to grow up. Stay that way please.

  3. Second picture is the best ,very natural .
    Reminds me of me at that age , I also had that book “A Wrinkle in time ” from 1963 (the book that is ,not me )

    Are there also pictures of boys from the 70″s and 80″s here ?

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