23 thoughts on “Cute Model Boy

  1. Pic 4 at least we can tell he is”cut” yes and believe it or not for some reason I like Pic #6 with his clothes on????. shock .I know huh? For some reason he looks cute in that outfit like he wants you to undress him!!! Maybe its because that’s how I see most cute boys out in public places (dressed )??..Don’t get me wrong I like the other shirtless,etc too! But find #6 arousing,,,,,,also I like the way he looks kinda wild with all that hair -Like a dirty little boy!!Id love to pull on it and run my fingers through it and….and…and…. laugh

    • That’s what I was about to say : he is obviously circumcised and kind of well endowed ^^
      (You’re probably not going to read this though as it’s an old post and you’re a guest but well…)

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