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    • Maybe we won’t ever get our chance at sexual approval, because we were born too early on, and we obviously cannot trust in the approval of adults, because they are all inferior to the sexy boys, that the girls got to enjoy approval from in school… As are their declarations of “love” and “desire”…

      But at least, we can still burn this world to the ground, and force the women to understand that they should never have interfered with the affairs of men! I will dash the hopes of young girls across this globe, and destroy their sexual happiness and gratification and safety… They will come to regret what they have wrought in the name of their fascism, and selfish greed. They *WILL* learn to walk on eggshells around boys and men! To stop feeling entitled, and start feeling terrified, instead!

      Best of all, they will come to understand, that adults are not sexy enough for making child pornography – and, thus, they will deliver all of their successful re-productions as fodder for the machine, or damn their children to a lifetime of suffering the horrible fate of the un-sexy sub-humans.

    • I’ve never gotten people saying that, nobody questions boys that age liking girls their age and older, but if he likes boys like that they say how do you know? it’s how you are, there’s no difference.

  1. MartyMariusz commented above that the caption on the pic says “Hotel with by Bro”. So really, that might just be his brother. But even if it’s not his brother,it might just be a friend. Why is it ok for girls who are just friends,with no romantic relationship, to give each other a kiss, but if boys do it they’re called gay?

    By the way, these boys are Scandinavian but I don’t know which country.It’s either Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish. The caption that says “Hotel med min bro” is the same for all 3 languages, except Norwegian and Swedish add an extra “l” to “hotel”. It’s possible they’re danish since they spelled ‘hotel’ with only one L. However,they could have forgot the last L or chosen to leave it out. Either way, they’re Scandinavian.

    • Agree, Kai, without a doubt, they are Scandinavian. And since i translated what that caption on the first pic said, i’m scandinavian myself.
      And you’re right, that sentence is the same for all 3 languages. Just, i’m not sure if in norwegian, we also would write ”hotel” with two L s.

    • Guess many here (including me) are a bit to old to get the language kids use nowadays. They probably use the term bro the same as Dutch boys: for everything. Mostly they use it for good friends (and this gets some funny responses from parents (I didn’t know I had other kids coming out of my womb).
      But boys that age aren’t often saying boyfriend in public (or other terms like lover and so on). It could be they are just very good friends that get quite close and personal and aren’t afraid to show some affection towards other boys (even if they are both straight). It could also be they are really close and have some ‘benefits’ (call it experimenting) or even gay? Who knows, but girls often say the most handsome boys are gay, and by that reasoning they most definately are. laugh

  2. I think social media has helped the youth of today be more out and comfortable with who they are. 30+ years ago finding another boy or girl in your school who was also gay or curious was more difficult. The social stigma of being gay was not what it is today.

  3. Oddly enough when I was about 14 years old, I was in my bedroom with a friend I had known for many years. There was never any indication that he wanted to “fool around” when just out of the blue he said he wanted to give me a blow job. I said ok, didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t think it was gay or anything like that, I just said ok, I stood up off the bed and dropped my pants. He got on his knees and it went in. I liked it, but it only happened one time with him and I don’t know why, but I didn’t offer to do it to him in return back then. That I kind of regret now. All these years later we’re still friends. So my advice to all the younger boys on this site, if you have the opportunity to be with someone you like, don’t hesitate! Go for it! I’m like some of the other members on this site that were born too early when this kind of thing was still taboo. It sucks!! Today it’s easier to be yourself. Don’t deny yourself that pleasure!
    P.S. Sascha, you still haven’t sent me an email so I could verify/confirm my membership. Bitte Schon, (keine umlaut) by the way, my parents were from Germany!! drinks joy smile

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