8 thoughts on “No gadgets? No problem 1

  1. As Patrick and Toby also I like much from the first three pics. Boy’s lovely smile, great body and legs. Boy’s positions are also fine … different from the pics shown usually here. I would like to be out there holding the boy firmly that he does not fall. Well, in reality, the case should be quite the contrary because the boy should keep firmly to me that I would not fall. But surely it would be another nicer place where we could hold each other tightly closed. Well now I also drool and ooh … uh … something else … sorry blush dash heart hug . All the other boys are also lovely and attractive, but if I do not tell about them anything more at this time that I not cause here more mess. Thank you for your great pics. smile

  2. Here is all the proof you will ever need that gadgets do NOT make kids happy – they just make them crave more of the same. These gorgeous Asian boys rely on each other to make their own entertainment and they are happy because they have each other and are still very much in touch with reality and the natural world, something that most Western kids could not even begin to understand. Like Toby, I love the mega-cute little guy in pics #1#2#3. He is absolutely stunning and should really be a model. I would love to fly out and give him a firm but very gentle hug just for being so beautiful!

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