9 thoughts on “Wrestling Boys

  1. “Spencer” & his “older brother” “Logan” Tiger Boys Underwear shoot from days past! “Logan’s” long since moved on to the teens catalogue almost passed teen and then on to Mens catalogue! “Spencer” about to move on to teens catalogue! Unfortunately “Spencer” has hit puberty and for me lost his boyhood cuteness! Don’t get me wrong he’s STILL somewhat cute! Just I like the young ones! Ages 2 (if incredibly cute) up to age 13 -14 (Again if incredibly cute) preference blonde, blue eyes or green, or gray! Also redheaded freckle faced ginger boys (eyes same as the blondes) Also like other races like Oriental, Hindi, & some blacks (But they low on my list gotta be skinny outtie bellybutton and then hair style dreadlocks or cornrows long) Perfectionism pictures for me are underwear preference cartoon! Either frontal or behind photos! Don’t like posed! Although some are interesting! Also in closing “Spencer” models for TBM where I’ve seen photos of him now and older looking! Not sure about “Logan” ever modeling for TBM? Have a wonderful day fellow BLs! smile

  2. It’s so lovely to see them tensing their muscles. I especially like #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 where we can directly compare the size of their arms and I think the shorter boy has an edge. He’s more muscular and pins his opponent on the last picture.

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