Kol just keeps on coming!

Yet another Kol post! It seems that in these few months Kol has saddly hit puberty, and wile still good looking, I must admit I don’t think he is still as cute as he was ):, but again, he is still really attractive, but that is just myopinion. Hope you enjoy the more matured Kol!  (last 3 pics/gifs are not recent ones)








What do you think of Kol? Do you like him more now that he is hitting puverty or did you liked him more before?
Also, a bonus: https://twitter.com/Oriolcastells_/status/619126239052349440

14 thoughts on “Kol just keeps on coming!

  1. Thank you so much for posting some new pics of Kol. You know I’m a big fan and it’s so sad that I couldn’t find pics and vids at his YouTube channel and Instagram account where he’s shirtless sad
    I will never get enough of him! He gets me every time with his flirty attitude blush
    A bit cocky, yes, but I love to see his confidence about his appeal.

    • it is not the fact that he hit puberty that bothers me, it is what puberty is doing to his face. Just yesterday he still had his little boy face, and all of the sudden he now has the face of a young man. He was “cute”, in the sence that I want to hug him, but now he is “hot”, or maybe “handsome”, in the sence of “please be the father of my kids”

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