The Genuine Article

Here’s the original picture of the “boy on the rock”. As you can see, the one that was posted under the “Fantastic”-header is with a different head and there’s been some messing around with the speedos as well. Could we cut back on all the photoshopping stuff? It’s depressing to look at. Usually the artwork is pathetic and the originals much better than the fakes.dp298

12 thoughts on “The Genuine Article

  1. He is extremely beautiful and hot looking.
    And i agree with you, photoshoped images should be banned worldwide.
    Thanks for sharing this beauty. Any more pictures of him would be gretly welcomed.

  2. Some people mess with the originals because they’re into little boys and want to put a little boy head on a better shaped body – also mess with the speedos so they can fantasise about a bigger “bulge”. All a bit pathetic IMHO.

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