50 thoughts on “Random Tuesday

  1. The first two boys are gorgeous, but I would never be able to control myself with boy # 8 (shirtless boy on the beach). I love brunette boys. His hair, body, and age are perfect. Wow, he’s soooo sexy!

  2. Thanks for such a great post! The first boy, his thick dark hair and sweet face would be my 1st choice if I had to choose. Loved them all. That cute dark haired shirtless boy in the beach, while quite slender, is also quite beautiful!

  3. All of the boys are just stunningly beautiful in their own way. Can’t keep my eye’s off the boy in number 2 and the last boy. OMG and the boy in # 6, what a total doll he is… smile

  4. So fantastic post. He looks so amazingly hot and amazingly sexy on these shorts. A very beautiful looking boy that To me he look so perfect. Thank you.

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