Meet my good friend JL

I’ve been posting several lovely boys whom I like, but I don’t know them personally. So for now to be different I’ll be sharing to you this special boy JL(its just an acronym of his real name), a very close friend of mine and the boy I miss so much. I got this pictures from his aunt’s FB, I wasn’t able to get some pictures of him personally, ‘coz he’s too shy everytime I ask him to pose for the camera.

JL is around 5 or 6 yrs old when I met him, the duration of our bond was cut short for just 1 year ‘coz they move into another place. When he was still in the apartment vicinity he would always come into my place almost everyday, he loves playing video games, I have some gadgets, xbox and computer for him to play with and is a fast learner. But before I let him play games I would ask him to do his homeworks first and teach him the hard parts. We also wrestle alot when he’s bored playing games. Sometimes his mom would pick him up when it’s quite late.

Right now he would be turning to 10. I hope he doesnt forget our friendship and I wish him all the luck. And I hope to meet this boy again someday.
















an added photo of myself taken mid 90’s


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  1. Thank you very much my friend for these picts, and the last one of you. This story reminds me the same thing with a little boy Frédéric, 10 yo, in the early 80’s, in France ! In this time it was possible. Now, no ! Lovely boy JL ! Lucky to meet him. And lucky I am to share these picts. heart joy

    • Hi Barrault, I don’t speak French. so I’ll just use google chrome translate for you, the translation isn’t that accurate though I believe.

      J’ai poster plusieurs garçons adorables que j’aime, mais je ne les connais pas personnellement. Donc pour l’instant d’être différent, je vais partager à vous ce garçon spécial JL (son juste un acronyme de son vrai nom), un ami très proche de la mine et le garçon me manque tellement. Je suis ces images de la FB de sa tante, je n’étais pas en mesure d’obtenir quelques photos de lui personnellement, ‘coz il est à chaque fois trop timide, je lui demande de poser pour la caméra.

      JL est âgé d’environ 5 ou 6 ans quand je l’ai rencontré, la durée de notre lien a été coupé court pour seulement 1 an »coz ils se déplacent dans un autre endroit. Quand il était encore dans l’appartement près qu’il serait toujours venir dans mon lieu presque tous les jours, il aime jouer à des jeux vidéo, j’ai quelques gadgets, xbox et l’ordinateur pour lui de jouer avec et est un apprenti rapide. Mais avant je l’ai laissé jouer à des jeux, je voudrais lui demander de faire ses devoirs d’abord et lui enseigner les parties dures. Nous luttons aussi beaucoup quand il s’ennuie jouer à des jeux. Parfois, sa mère venait le chercher quand il est assez tard.

      À l’heure actuelle, il se retournerait à 10. J’espère qu’il ne marche pas oublier notre amitié et je lui souhaite toute la chance. Et j’espère rencontrer ce garçon à nouveau un jour.

  2. JL is very beautiful indeed. I understand why you love him and that you´re missing him very much. A couple of years ago I had to travel for work and didn´t see my little boyfriend Kevin for 6 months: I missed him so much, called him up every now and then, and could hardly wait to have him again. When I came home, first weekend he came to sleep over was like being in heaven again.

  3. Thank you Mynblue for sharing your sweet little friend. I’ve had a number of relationships like that, bittersweet, sweet because they happened and bitter because they ended. JL looks like he was a ball of energy, and load of joy and fun. You were a handsome buy yourself. I lost all my family pictures in a fire 35 years ago and mourn their loss when I see pictures like yours and JL’s. Thanks again for sharing, good on you. drinks heart

    • Thank you for your kind words beast, I really appreciate it. You’re lucky to have sweet memories with some boys. As boy lovers we must deal with that sad moment when our young friends have grown up. Lucky for those boys too, to have met us and learn lessons in life. smile drinks

  4. He’s very cute indeed, i hope you’ll see him again. Pareho pala tayo, i also met a boy, and we bacame very good friends. Unfortunately it was cut short, because i move to another place.
    Can you post more photos of him, and can you tell more about him.

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