33 thoughts on “Asian Cutie

  1. Hi Mynblue ! One boy asian really very beautiful, very sexy, cute body .
    ( traduction french )
    Je veux le prendre dans mes bras & embrasser . Very very good post .
    Thank you very much friend Mynblue smile smile ;-)

  2. Looks good, he looks really, really good. He seems to know how to present himself impressively. He is in every way just wonderful and attractive and sexy … so lovely. One favorite boy more for my list. If I only could find him somehow … well, at least I can see the beautiful dreams about him tonight. heart hug smile

  3. How do you get shirtless Asian boys? Most of the Asians I know are very unwilling to undress anything in front of others – even a sweatshirt with a regular shirt under it.

    • i am in asian now and yes many seem t like to wear clothes on top of clothes even to bed lol. They like undies, with boxers on top and then shorts on top of that but they also like to take them all off once they know you lol

    • You’re so accurate mate, asian boys are way conservative compared to those in the west, or should I say they’re just camera shy. Seeing boys without shirts on on the streets here in the Philippines is a natural thing, ‘coz of the hot weather we have. And you will not be disappointed seeing boys in briefs, sometimes even naked jumping and swimming on the river. smile

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