These boys are all professionals. No, not at stealing your hearts, but they are actually models (and sometimes actors as well)

From Italy we have Alessandro. This boy isn’t only a model, he is also a gymnast.

Representing France we have Anthony.
anthony (1)

anthony (3)

Next in line is Bram from the Netherlands
bram (1)

bram (2)

From the USA we have Zachary and Aiden.

Sweet little Dylan, turned 10 years old today (on the day I submitted this)\. Dylan is an LA boy.
dylan (1)

dylan (2)

dylan (3)

And finally we have Oskar. The odd one out since he isn’t a professional model, but he could be one.

That’s was it for my 10 pictures for this one. If you want I could post the more of these boys or some other models.

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