20 thoughts on “Aratuan 2

        • I very much like Aratuan as a selective photographer … and he is good at what he does back then … but not all photos appeal to everyone the same way. Let us be real … and honest. You no like me. Foe example. Or, is it, for example. Ha Ha … Allow reality and differentiation. He be does his real thing to a real, not a phony … and for that AI love him, never even knowing him but for photos I see. Nor all are for all. Be nice. Or, try to .. Ha Ha cool

        • If they are fake I want to know why anyone thinks so … what do I miss … the photos are so good that if they are ‘fake’ I want to have something I do not see. Give a clue … if because they of ‘others’ then say so but if they are over makings tell me something to look for. I am a blond white boy lover but I like cute guys from anywhere and here are some … do I miss something ? TELL MEE ! I am a detective and fail my profession if I do not try

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