24 thoughts on “School’s out

  1. I loke these old school uniform pics. But maybe 1 of you can help as there is ine i have lost and it seems to have vanished from all the usual places. Its UK 80s/90s boy aged 9 or 10ish laid on a window sill and the window looks out to a courtyard. The boy is wearing a casio calculator watch. Iif anyone has please post.

  2. I’d probably go for number 2.

    Serious mode: boys usually don’t wear their ties correctly, so no ties at all. Wearing a tie with a short sleeve shirt is also a capital sin in my book. And I don’t like those high socks. So if they are wearing socks they should go up no higher than the ankles. It is a sin to hide such nice calves in socks. So ideally: something like blue polo and beige shorts or pants (for the winter).

  3. No. 4, report to the Principal’s office at once. He’s cancelled all his appointments for the rest of the day …

    No. 1 – excellent photo after a long day spent in boring classrooms … let’s go home, shall we?

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