15 thoughts on “Hy again :)

    • Hear hear! However he could be fully developed 15 yr old which in some cases, I’ve seen boys fully developed very early onto adulthood. These such instances happen when puberty commences at age 9. It’s all in genetics.

      • I totally understand. My comment was just . . . euphemism. This site is to appreciate boys’ beauty, physical or mental I guess, but as it’s difficult to see the mental part, I think we generally would appreciate them in the superficial way here, just for their appearance. Yes he may be a boy, but in my view he’s a man, and indeed he can be proud of that.

  1. Szia Máté!
    Elmúltál 14 az látszik a képeiden, de nem is ez az érdekes.
    Azért még beszélgethetnénk egymással, sok tapasztalatot adhatnék, még ha nem vagyok szimpatikus is!

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