21 thoughts on “Magnificent Hotties!

  1. inlove Very lovely boys.
    sorry Though feel a little mournful to see #2 . . . when the thought “oh the boys would someday be as fat and bald as their dad (still cute as an adult though)” comes to mind . . . Why the beauty of a boy cannot last forever.

      • I totally agree with both of you. Some boys become hot young men and if they take care of themselves, eat well and exercise they can remain hot into their 30’s. But again, there is something very special about a boys beauty.

  2. In photo two, three in a pool, one boy seems happy and the other boy looks as if he has had enough. He looks as if he wants out. He is so cute I want to rescue him. Pure picture. WOW. heart

  3. Great post! I like the 1st two pics, the boy in the 1st is SO HOT! shock the boy on the left in the 2nd pic to me looks annoyed, but he probably just moved and closed his eyes as the camera shutter opened and closed! he’s very cute though! that’s a VERY lucky Dad! and it looks like he knows it! drinks

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