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  1. I do not agree that Perchyk is not one of the best looking boys. I think that he is beautiful and he is very photogenic. His personality seems to shine out at you, and that is quite a rare thing.

    yes good heart joy hug

    • I think that at first glance he is not as eye-catching and photogenic as Pushkin or Vadik. His beauty is not the superficial kind – what amazes me is the expression in his eyes, that deep love, candidness and fidelty.

  2. Perchyk to me is a ‘typical boy’, I don’t think one can say one boy is better looking than another, it is so subjective. I once made the mistae of slagging off a well known boy actor as ‘plain looking’, the response told me I had broken the hearts of many who did view him as a god incarnate. Lesson learned.

    Whilst I view some boys as having special qualities, not all will share my view.

    anyway, ‘mostly’ I am very glad to see what is posted here each day!

  3. C’est justement parce que ce n’est pas un top model que ce jeune garçon est tout à fait réel et que son véritable charme réside précisément dans son naturel. C’est un vrai garçon dans son environnement personnel. J’aime beaucoup justement cette improvisation que le photographe a très bien su rendre. J’ai souvent essayé (et réussi) à photographier et filmer mes garçons chez eux, donc chez moi ou avec moi à l’extérieur, sans que l’appareil photo ou la caméra ne soient des intermédiaires obligés et voyeurs. Merci pour cette belle et émouvante série. joy

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