Old B&W Cutie

These are an old series of a very handsome little blondie. He is a little ragamuffin who looks as though he’d be a ton of fun to play with. I hope he feeds your fantasies as much as he feeds mine.nbb11 (2) nbb32 nbb2 (2) nbb12 nbb13 (2) nbb14 (2) nbb15 (2) nbb16 (2) nbb23 (2) nbb33

24 thoughts on “Old B&W Cutie

  1. I love pic#3 so much it is the hottest pic. I have ever seen. This boy is way too amazingly adorable. I love all of these. Thank you. I love vintage pics. So much.

    • I’ve always found it strange how old boys briefs/slips, are so sexy but old swim suits were pretty terrible while modern speedo type suits are very brief and sexy. laugh Thank you for the comment. good smile

  2. All these lovely nice cuties in white undies are so adorable. Thank you very much my friend for this ! Now, I look every page from 20th of march (= more than 220 pages of 1 to 10 picts by page). Doing that, I didn’t miss one post. joy hug heart

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