27 thoughts on “Sweet or Spicy?

  1. Really great pics, I agree with your ratings, right on… And yeah that kissing pic is hot, the boy in red is a passionate kisser and really is working to give his little friend a deep intense kiss.

    Really love # 6 and 10… heart

  2. Yeah, great rating … tasty boys absolutely everyone. I would like, however, to add some “adjectives” in some places. The first pic is very sweet but I think it is also a passionate, steamy and hot. heart
    Then # 7. It is, of course, pretty spicy but I call this kind of pics also wow-pics and for me this is a really WOW. shock
    And the ninth one. Spicy, of course, but I would add to it also “cooling” … for one reason or another. laugh
    And yet # 10. WOW !!! wacko smile

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