8 thoughts on “Aratuan 4

  1. How Aratuan ever gets his photos I cannot figure. Camilo ( spelling ? ) the same. I am in love after seeing many of them of either. Please tell me pm and say what. LEAF is similar. Sinal also. But ==> NOT THE SAME !!! I lost all my LEAF. Sinal seems more sedate than originally. Whatever. THANK YOU !!! Make me cry do you. For that I hate you. These ten pictures make me cry. I hate you. HATE YOU …….. I shut up. thank you for this all.

  2. I forgot to say how much I like these photos !!! WOW !!! and POW !!! are these examples of Aratuan photography !!! Not all are as close to perfect nor near to perfect as these are as near to perfect as any photographer can find nor get. !!! good

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