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  1. Picture Number Six is sad. He looks as if he is going to be useful, again, and is sad but submissive, as if what else can he do. SAD !! I see such in real life with my own eyes and could not free them. How ? Complain to who if they do not go 100 feet to the police station ? That is one case … I see several others, one asking for a way out I have no way to offer nor provide. Ending where else but to the controls they leave from one place for controls in another. I have no way to offer elseways / elsewise. cry But real. The picture is a mere pose, maybe, but, … I shut up.

  2. I don’t see that at all Quantium..I guess its all in the eyes of the beholder? I see a HOT ass boy who is in control of his body ,A boy who is waiting to do whatever he wants because he is the one calling the shots because he is so so sexy! If I had a boy like that waiting for me in bed id come home to please him in everyway everyday! Hes a sexy cute goodlookin boy! Not sad to me but SEXY!

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