Beauty Summer V

Maybe, you don´t like this post, but they are not models, they are common boys.
Incredibly there is beauty in these boys, and not necessarily the figure of sex that many seek here to satisfy their instincts.

The boys are beauty, don’t hurt them

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15 thoughts on “Beauty Summer V

  1. I agree with you. I find the more and more sexual comments about boys as young as 5-6 years old very sick, disturbing and worrying that those commenters only think about satisfying their own sexual fantasies and never think about that could be their own sons some day being looked at in that way. Maybe that’s why almost all the best members stopped being active here??
    Getting back to the boys you posted, they are all very beautiful and cute each in his own unique way. Thank you for sharing them. All the best.

    • Dear friend, I´m absolutily agree. Many here we are for the love to the boys.
      I hait the sexual comments about all pictures, including boys between 4 or 10 years old.
      If someone have sexual fantasys with the boys, please, keep that feeling for himself.
      Just read the comment about pictur number 8 and 10.
      Where you from my friend, I´m from Chile.
      Nice to meet you.

    • Don’t make it seem like you’re not aroused by anything posted on this site. We all know everyone comes on here to be aroused by young boys. Some users are just more open about it, and honestly, I advise those users to stop commenting, because you could very easily land yourself in jail. I saw a guy comment saying he would “kiss that boy everywhere.” This site is going to end up getting taken down because of that. I admit I am 25 and I can get aroused by boys as young as 8-10, but i’m smart enough to keep my comments to myself. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to boys that young. Just be smart.

  2. Thank you Rusthy and Blue eyes for your moral purity and acting as the moral police here. I am sorry everybody can’t be as pure and holy as thou. My sons would have had issue with your views as would a number of other boys I know. One size does not fit all, thanks to views like yours it is not safe for a boy under the age of 18 to engage in sexual interactions with anyone five years older than him or younger than him, even if he wants to—oh I forgot no one under the age of consent has any sexual urges or desires. Thank you again for making me and others feel welcome here. anger

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