11 thoughts on “Selfies, hats, and cute boys!!!

    • Haha, there is a sayin in Spanish: “sin gorrito no hay fiesta”, which translates to “without the little hat there is no party”, gorrito meaning hat. As you might have guessed, it is a way for saying “withouth condom there is no fun”. So, I too think it is important thaty boys wear their “hats” for their “head”

      • No relation to condom nor birth control. This ‘hat’ thing is originally back to pre-Columbus times in certain parts of Europe. The HAT is de riguer to self identity within the get-together ( the event ), such as birthday hats and Jesus (Easter) events. Also, you cannot remove your hat and show humility unless you have one to remove ! It has cumm to mean condom ( and birth control ) to limit the South American population, a USA invention ( YOU control YOUR population so ‘we’ maintain control of what there is ). You will not find such info on simple internet searches. Population control itself is an invention of certain … people. Recall the phrase ‘hats off to …’. Hats go back on and the party is on. Notice the very reaction to guys with just a hat … nothing else but. HA HA. If he takes it off he is indeed naked where as if is on he is not ready / available. Symbolic, yes, and one the ancients know. European ( and Spanish ). I am unaware of any Asian nor African meanings. Sorry … too lond a reply but smile

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