15 thoughts on “Sexy Cuties

  1. Makes me wanna be 9 again,not 19.Don’t get me wrong,i love my age,but being a kid was so much fun. I do like being 19,my friends are all hot loose sagger jean boys,with them boxers showing.All 7 of them,and were all gay.Its all good when its a room full of us,and were doing right,lil kids,don’t know how to do it.They need to use all their energy,just being kids. Their really wonderful,i know,i use to be one.Now i’m an emo boy,who cant get enough of my boys,my age,well,one is 21,5 are 18,and me,that makes seven,all together.Did i forget to tell you,that we all are big,he,he. See ya. diablo

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