16 thoughts on “White undies

  1. Yes, boys are usually pure and innocent, as you say, right up to the moment when some creepy old perv (who sees them as nothing more than a sex object to drool over) coaxes them into doing things they usually later regret.

    • Two questions: 1) isn’t the ‘regret’ usually imposed by a judgmental other? [Not YOU, of course] And 2) why are you even here? Best wishes, c.o.p.

    • well, not necesarrily. Yeah, saddly, child corruption happens, and thats the cruel truth sad but lets remember sex is a natural part of life, ergo, it is natural for boys to start exploring their sexuality at young ages by and for themselves; it is a natural call and desire.

  2. Mister rokker … Some one is a sex object as per a prosecutor of the new sexual prohibition. A mother was prosecuted for child abuse because she made her children walk to school. ( Wall Street Journal April 9 – 10 and I cannot find the page gmi. ) and she was accused of making her children sexual objects. I walked to school all my life. I was a white cute sweet thin trim and never had a bad day out side of school ( I had my butt spanked, balls smacked, face slapped, hands hit with a stick, penis looked at while I peed, all by female care takers in the school )( NEVER any male in ANY way ! ). I was a sex object … though the Sex Prohibitionists actually call it GENDER versus SEX, so it is irrelevant. Did they touch me? Yes they did. Oh, it was a gender miss-identity. They aimed at my balls but it was gender- wise & not sexual. Butt … but … and so on. LIAR. AH HA ! HA HA … Mister rokker laugh rtfm smile

  3. Love these!!! Will be thinking of these boys when I wear my white undies. Wish they were mine all of them, can’t decide who I like more!! Like the wet ones especially…..

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