You Are Not Alone (Danish: Du er ikke alene)

A student strike at a Danish boys school is the backdrop of YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The leisurely paced tale explores the relationship between 15-year-old Bo and Kim, the younger son of the stern boarding school headmaster. You can find these videos and others with different scenes on sites such as YouTube.  Innocent coming of age movie.  enjoy!




22 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone (Danish: Du er ikke alene)

  1. Better yet you can buy the DVD from Amazon like I did..!!!! Great movie one of my favorites. The boy who plays Kim, the cute blond is a doll especially in the shower scene…!!!!!!!!
    diablo laugh heart drinks

  2. The Danish have some VERY beautiful boys! I have a friend who lives in Denmark! he loves the summertime! he said once that it is not so uncommon to see a boy walking down the street in the buff! especially around the beaches, whether clothing + or – ! laugh shock dash

  3. One of my favourites Peter bjerg (Kim) and Anders Agenso (bo) are both beautiful in this movie check out barnens o (children’s island) also with a kid named Tomas fryk also brilliant

  4. I remember this movie from when I was a kid-probably their age or slightly older-the long blonde haired boy, OMG! And I still think he’s gorgeous! What year was this movie made? I’m thinking 1978-1981.

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