29 thoughts on “Cartoon briefs

  1. Wow that GIF is the hottest one I have ever seen. Wow. I could watch him all night the boys in these are all so sexy so beautiful I can’t pick a favorite. Thank you.

  2. These photos are so amazing! I wish all boys would wear underwear like these and post selfies until they are well into puberty!!! Thanks for posting!
    I really like the boy in the blue Save Me shirt!!!

  3. Oh, Assyboy, you always know how to make me happy!! These are great photos, but maybe #02 is just a little ‘greater’? Thanks, as always……..

  4. “Don’t you just love it when big boys still wear such “kiddish” undies as cartoon briefs?”
    YES! I mean, I like cartoon undies in general, but I LOVE cartoon undies worn by “big” boys, and it’s just so cute when they show them without “shame” smile
    How to see the vid you took the gif from?
    Thx Assy.

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