12 thoughts on “Hey, look here!

  1. A wonderful set of stunning boys and a great question! I love the natural shots of boys in their element. No staging, no modeling, no posing. Nothing against those three things, but I much prefer real shots like this.

    As for how to grab their attention, in a perfect world I could literally GRAB them in some playful way. But, honestly, I think it would be such fun to simply watch each of these boys for a while first without them knowing and then with them knowing. Then, when each is tired and ready to shut down I could invite them over, one at a time, for a hug or maybe offer to help put a shirt on for each of the shirtless beauties here. Better yet, maybe start a bath or shower for each one and hope that he invites me to talk about his day with him while in the room with him…had that magic experience a few times. Love when boys are still uninhibited. Love the idea of seeing any or all in this set. But, if not, just watching them in the context of these photos would be a gift in itself.

  2. ugh, something tells me it would be hard to call their attention! they are all so lost into something….
    boy #1: he is thinking ” how do i get this pile of sand into my hole?”
    boy #3: he looks lost, maybe i could offer him some help getting home… but my home!
    boy #4: he is jist thinking “haha, lol, i am a boy, but i am waring panties! haha”
    boy #5: i wouldn’t even consider distracting him, he seems to be really happy playing with his buttcheeks by his own. Enjoy them for me, buddy good
    boy #6: he is jsut too concentrated on bragging how much medal he has
    boy #7: he just found a new stone friend
    boy #8: oh, silly boy, he is making a sand boobs sculpture. So young and so nody, good!laugh
    boy #9: like boy #1, he is trying to get that ball up his arse. Silly boy, those are not the balls boys are ment to take down there

  3. ‘ How would you grab their attention ‘ … Hello, can I help you ( do the sand sculpture for example ) … Hello, can you help me, I am lost ( have to work on that ) … Hello, have you heard of the water monster ( have to work on that ) … [ medals guy ] Hello, can I take your picture [ Ha Ha ], Hello I have a million daollars … HA HA HA … fun question I am unable to figure. Thanks for the idea ! dash smile

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