My First post

hello all my name is Zenn I’ve been skulking around this site for a while now.  Most of my stuff is from this site so my posts are probably going to be stuff you’ve already seen.



But not this time.  It might be a bit edgy for some but I find it extremely attractive.



I’d like to think these tattoos are all fake but whose to say.

11 thoughts on “My First post

  1. This is not your first time posting. I be born a year ago and know better. [ As for tattoos in the USA, OH ! You know what ? I really do not know any age minimum ! ignore my ignorance. ]

    I likes Picture Number Four with the side scalp, semi-Mohawk, or pluck top, or other name. He is OK BABY !!! to me !!! ( the last chief of the Mohawks did not have a Mohawk hair ‘ cut ‘, as photographs show. Odd. I will have to really look that up outside Wikipedia ) HA HA FUN FUN laugh smile

  2. NO TATTOOS in USA under 18 yo, some allow tattooing with parental consent and in some places not even if … and the history of the Mohawk is now so full of the multi-culture I fail to find that photo I promise. • •• ••• The Mohawk Indians created what we now call the “Mohawk” hairstyle in which areas of hair were shaved and tweezed so that only a single row was left at the top. ••• •• • so it has the name row-cut ? HA HA Still looking … cannot find dash

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